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We search for value-rooted individuals who are technically competent and are high on innovation, creativity and excellence.

So, be part of a winning team to explore new opportunities! At SSL, you will find that you are part of a team and an organization that encourages and enables professional growth. You can submit your resume at mentioning your desired position.

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Welcome to the career page of SSL Wireless - a world of opportunities!

"People are our greatest asset". While we are, at core, a technology driven organization whose services primarily focus on the ever and fast moving Telecommunication, Banking, Financial, and Media Service Industry, the force that fuels our business strategies, technological infrastructure and motivation are not the equipments, but our highly competent and knowledgeable human resources who actually innovate and develop all the plans from scratch.

SSL Wireless promotes dynamic and fast paced performance while offering flexible work environment to the members of its family. It believes in empowering people and a work culture that offers a blend of learning, growth and fun while enabling the person to shape his/her skills career in a meaningful way.

The members of SSL family are as diverse as our businesses. We believe in hiring people with a passion for results and provide them with choices and opportunities based on their performance, talent and interests. SSL Wireless is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, community, religion or gender.

If you are a passionate explorer who possesses a healthy disregard for boundaries, then SSL is the right fit for you!

Fun @ SSL

If work becomes fun, it doesn't stay work anymore. It becomes a pleasant endeavor that multiplies energy and self-development - this is what we experience at SSL Wireless. Here, EVERYDAY is for our celebration of friendship, success and growth! SSL provides its employees with opportunities to connect with each other on a regular basis. SSL realizes the importance of gatherings for the development of employee morale and amity. Many of the events we organize are designed to make our employees and their families feel as much a part of the company. For instance, our "Annual Family Picnic" & "Town Hall-Best Employer Celebrations" takes place every year to have a great time together which have always been alive and fun.

Besides, SSL celebrates different festivals together with all the members. They also keep up religious activities & programs.

Employee Testimonials

Our philosophy is developing our own people and enabling them to attain growth as the company grows. Our people are the designer and developer of its culture and ideas. They aren't just a part of the business; our PEOPLE are the ones who make this organization what it is!

Fatema (Communication) - "I am working in SSL Wireless for last five months and what I like the most about this company is how it focuses on its people. Here, people have a lot of freedom to set goals and work towards to execute that. Ideas are always welcome and innovation is encouraged. The working environment is very flexible, with much consideration for the employees' professional and personal needs. For me, SSL is a wonderful career choice."

Naimul (Sales) - "I've been working in SSL Wireless since December, 2009 and I feel blessed to be a part of this organization. Here I have got a great working environment, dynamic & unique service proposition, expert management & team bonding. The exclusive thing of this organization is all of us can take challenge & make it possible. SSL Wireless starts thinking where others stop. And I must not forget to say that I am having a great experience while at SSL Wireless!"

Anik (Marketing) - "It's a superb experience working in SSL Wireless. The functioning enviroment, employee relations, management's guidance, organizational structure provides me abundant opportunities to share my thoughts and get involved in company's growth. Inspite of having much work demands I hardly feel stressed or bored due to it's cozy environment."

Iftekharul (Sales) - "SSL Wireless is a great place where employees get the opportunity to discover their individual skills and competencies. I really appreciate its working environment along with realistic GOAL for us and the company as a whole. In short, its an honor for me to be a part of SSL family."

Resalat (Marketing) - "I have joined at SSL on the 1st January, 2013. From the very first day, each and every moment I have passed here has been as thrilling as the day of my orientation. It'll be hard for me to forget these days because of the work environment, my peers' helping attidute, fun-filled group work, support from bosses and many other aspects, which are really helping me to aspire my career goals."

Tawfik (Sales) - "I joined SSL on 1st January, 2011. We have a very friendly working environment which has enabled us to come up with ground-breaking products for our clients. SSL has been able to establish itself as one of the leading Application Service Providers of this country. I am really proud to be a part of SSL family."

Rony (Customer Experience) - "SSL focuses on customer centric innovation which is helping me to have in-depth understanding of various dimentions of our business tapping various needs of the end users. The multifaceted business of SSL is undoubtedly helping to me to gorw by giving ample opportunities to learn from what we have today and what we can offer to the society in the years to come."